About myEquity

Year 2018 - Financial markets around the world are witnessing longest ever bull run, Indian economy is growing at a healthy pace, retail investors interest in India is growing. Along with the growing interest towards stock market, there is an increasing need for information to take accurate trading/investment decisions. Current Indian information industry is actively covering news of top active companies leaving behind the least active companies. This has resulted in information gap around majority of the companies and retail investors are unable to take an informed decision on these companies. Myequity is started with a vision of filling this information gap, we are covering news of all the companies irrespective of its stock market status. We also have “request for information” service where any investor can seek information that is not readily available on any stock. All our services are free of cost and will remain free of cost.

Our Team:

We are group of investment enthusiasts with technical and non-technical backgrounds, and with lot of other non-commonalities but one thing in common - bring the good analysis for our lovely readers.